About Us

Our Story

Better Trails is a social enterprise founded to promote the ethical use and responsible enjoyment of the outdoor spaces through environmental education and outdoor recreations. 


As more parks and green spaces becomes accessible, the community of outdoor users grew and that introduced stress and impacts on these environments.  Much of these impacts are created due to innocent actions rather than malicious intent to cause damage to the environment.  They are, however, a result of the lack of knowledge for a better way in outdoor enjoyment.  It was with this intent that Better Trails was started to develop a culture for responsible adventure among the outdoor fraternity to make outdoor enjoyment sustainable. 

The Trails Team

Better Trails is a proud partner of Leave No Trace - Centre for Outdoor Ethics USA since 2015 and is a pioneer organization in providing formal ‘Leave No Trace’ (LNT) training in Singapore.


The team had trained more than 50 LNT Trainers and over 6000 individuals had been exposed to our Outdoor Ethics programme. Most of the trainings are conducted in Singapore and some advanced trainings are in Indonesia, Taiwan and Nepal.


Better Trails has also conducted more than 20 outreach booths to share about Leave No Trace at community events.


Currently, we have a team of Master Educators, graduated from the courses held in Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and the United States.


Today, Better Trails has expanded its scope of specialties to include marine debris education, environmental education through adventures and nature’s approach to wellness amongst other nature and adventure inspired programme for Better Outdoors Better People.