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Outdoor Ethics


One of the two key bedrock initiatives that defines our ‘Business for Good’, the Outdoor Ethics Singapore is an initiative dedicated to work towards the betterment of the outdoors in the following aspects:


Enhanced visitors’ experience when using the outdoors


Well maintained trails

and trail facilities


Positive relationships between visitors and the biodiversity of the trails


Strong sense of stewardship for the natural world

The above will be strategically achieved through:

○   Understanding problems and finding solutions through research-based works

○   Synergizing through partnerships and stakeholder engagements

○   Influencing the norm through public education and outreach

○   Enabling actions with volunteerism

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9 out of 10 people in the outdoors

are uninformed about their impacts.


The OES initiative hosts these programme to support the works towards ‘Better Outdoors’:

Citizen Science Projects

Data collection and impact monitoring. Consultation with SMEs to interpret findings.

Outreach Programmes

To share Outdoor Ethics education through booth engagements, educational publications and workshops / courses.


Outdoor Ethics Ambassador

Engages the volunteers as ambassadors in support of our works in advocating for outdoor ethics.

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The Trails’ Stewards

Activities dedicated to improve the quality of the trails through clean ups and basic restoration projects.

The Blue Tribe

Activities dedicated to improve the marine environment through clean up and education.

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to protect _ enhance a nurturing natural

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