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and Training

In Better Trails, we draw elements from adventure learning and environmental education to create outdoor experiences with emphasis on outdoor ethics. We have trained with partners and educated participants on the social responsibility of outdoor recreations to benefit the outdoors and its people.


One of our common enquiries involves responsible nature exploration trips to local parks and nature reserves while inculcating habits of ethical outdoor behaviours.

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We have also trained participants to independently conduct their own outdoor clean-up recreations and contribute their data to the international marine conservation organisation, Ocean Conservancy.

For the environmentally active, we also have programmes where we discuss environmental impacts and the need for biophilic lifestyles in our urbanised environment. Our nature discovery walk and terrarium workshops are some ways we have approached the conservation.

We also look forward to bring partners and communities together. One of our programmes for social good engaged partners to build bicycles for children from Rainbow Centre
and even guiding them in learning to ride!

In light of the recent COVID situation, we have also developed virtual programmes that utilise digital platforms to curate responsible outdoor experiences with the safety behind your screen. 

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Interested to find out more about our education and training programmes?

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