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Better Outdoors,

Better People

Better Trails is a social enterprise founded in 2015 to promote the ethical use and responsible enjoyment of the outdoors through environmental education and outdoor recreation.


We capitalise on our strength in outdoor experiential learning and environmental literacy, together with our heart for environmental conservation to curate meaningful and engaging learning experiences.


Better Trails began our journey as a pioneer provider of formal Leave No Trace™ education in Singapore and has reached over 10,000 people in the community, both locally and overseas.


The Leave No Trace™ is an internationally recognized outdoor ethics programme that promotes the conservation in the outdoors.

Find out more about Leave No Trace™ here.

​The need for

Outdoor Ethics Education

In recent years, outdoor activities have been gaining popularity with the exponential developments of nature parks that are easily accessible. This brought about increased impacts to the outdoors and we saw that education on responsible enjoyment was not in tandem to the active promotion to encourage people to go out there.


In 2014-2017, the Bukit Timah Reserve was closed due to these impacts. Much of these impacts were created due to innocent actions rather than malicious intent to cause damage to the environment. They are, however, a result of the lack of knowledge for a better way to enjoy the outdoors.


To make outdoor enjoyment more sustainable, there needs to be greater awareness to learn low impact outdoor skills and knowledge so that users will understand ways to minimise these impacts.


Business for Good

Better Trails’ social mission stems from our passion for the outdoors. We believed the relationship between the outdoors and people is symbiotically intertwined. With this, we envisioned ourselves paying these benefits forward. As a Business for Good, our vision for ‘Better Outdoors, Better People’ is ingrained in all aspects of our work.


Apart from incorporating outdoor ethics in our programmes, we also actively reach out to the community to educate and influence outdoors users on responsible and sustainable ways to enjoy the natural world through the Leave No Trace programme.


Some of our works include:


○   Community Education Outreach

   Collaborative Partnership

   Awareness through Programme

   Citizen Science Research


○   Promote participation in Outdoor Activities

   Making outdoor accessible

   Equal opportunities to serve


Purposeful Existence

Exisiting for good

Knowledge Centric

Ensuring commitment for quality knowledge acquisition, development & management



Connecting values with our partners & for our partners

Organisational Excellence

Optimising effectiveness of resources with a passion for excellence

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